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Le Relais du Lierre


Discover the essence of Conero and Portonovo, an area where nature, history and outdoor activities intertwine to give you an unforgettable experience. From hiking on cliffs overlooking the Adriatic, to tasting local wines, every moment here is an opportunity to connect with the surrounding beauty and create memories that will last a lifetime. We invite our guests to immerse themselves in these unique experiences, designed to enhance your stay at our hotel.

Natural Experiences


Discover the green heart of Italy with our natural experiences in the Conero Park. Between hiking trails that wind through the lush Mediterranean scrub, up to the peaks that offer breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, every route is an adventure. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Portonovo, a paradise for snorkelling and diving, where marine biodiversity enchants every visitor. For bicycle lovers, with advance request, it is possible to rent e-bikes to explore unique panoramas, among vineyards and historic villages.

Gastronomy and Wines


Savor the authenticity of the Marche through a culinary journey that celebrates local gastronomy and the renowned Conero wines. Join us for guided tastings in the best vineyards, where full-bodied red wines and aromatic whites tell the story of this fertile land. Discover the richness of flavors through traditional dishes, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, in an experience that combines a passion for food with a love for the land.

Culture and History


Immerse yourself in the deep roots of the Conero, discovering the cultural and historical richness that characterizes this land. Visit ancient villages and monuments, witnesses of the legacy left by past civilizations, and participate in events that celebrate local traditions. A journey through time that will allow you to appreciate the art, history and archeology of a unique territory.

Sports and Adventure


Let yourself be involved in the adrenaline and adventure that only the Conero can offer. From hiking trails that climb the hills, offering unforgettable views, to crystal clear waters ideal for diving and sailing, each activity is a unique opportunity to discover nature in an active way. For extreme sports enthusiasts, there is no shortage of rock climbing or paragliding opportunities, to experience the Conero from a breathtaking perspective.

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